Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness

After Ozzy Osbourne announced his retirement after the release of the No More Tears album, Osbourne embarked on the infamous farewell tour known as the No More Tours tour. The retirement was brief, as Osbourne then announced a comeback, only a couple years after the tour completed. Osbourne released Ozzmosis in 1995, which notably featured long time guitarist Zakk Wylde and reunited once more with former Black Sabbath bandmate, Geezer Butler. The album was Osbourne’s seventh studio album and despite the radical change in the music scene, being dominated by mostly alternative rock music, Ozzmosis proved to another hugely successful album for the “Prince of Darkness”. In support of the album, Osbourne went on tour, which was called the “Retirement Sucks” tour. Following the tour, Osbourne released a compilation album and would close the 1990’s, with a unexpected reunion and tour with Black Sabbath. Osbourne entered the new millenium, continuing the reunion, only to break away to release another solo album. Osbourne would then find himself being the star of his own reality tv show and then releasing two more solo albums later on. In recent years, Osbourne was seen reuniting with Black Sabbath one more time, and going on a farewell tour with the bands that started it all. At age 69 years old and more iconic than ever, Osbourne is set to perform at Jones Beach in Long Island tomorrow night, as part of his U.S shows for his second and seemingly final farewell tour….\m/

Written By Jason Raghubir

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