Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

My high school years were a perfect discovery zone for rock music. The ’60’s were in the not too distant past, and the ’70’s had proven to be an ever changing, ever entertaining hotbed of musical styles and heroic artists. Cheap Trick came along and scooped me up as a fan from the first time I heard them…and seeing them live made it even better. On the surface you had two guys who looked like rock stars and then you had two guys who looked zany and hilariously out of place in a band…until you heard them play. Heaven Tonight was my introduction to the band and remains my personal favorite album of theirs. Surrender just exploded out of car radio speakers and became an instant anthem for rebellious kids everywhere. And that was just the first song! On Top Of The World, Stiff Competition, California Man, Auf Weidersehen, and the ultra trippy and sinister title track all rocked my face off. Robin Zander’s incredible vocals, Rick Neilson’s no nonsense lead guitar and clever songwriting, Tom Petersson’s 12 string bass, and Bun E. Carlos pounding the drums while smoking a cigar produced a wonderful chemistry. It was pop, it was punk, it was hard rock, and it was catchy as hell. Cheap Trick are an American treasure!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

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