Quick Cuts

Written By Rich Deckard


First of all, this is one of the most amazing debut lps Ive ever heard and that also makes it tragic. More on that later…

Age of Winters is a wonderfully retro sounding blend of classic Black Sabbath worship combined with early sword and sorcery Rush style lyrics. By-Tor and his Snow Dog pal would definitely be at home here.

Vocals are high and clean, guitars crunch in the best possible way. This record made me an instant Sword fan. Loved it.

Then came the follow up, which instead of becoming better like Killers did after the self titled Maiden debut, it was a more luke-warm version of Winters, like Winters without the teeth….then came Warp Riders, the third lp by The Sword…

Gone were the long hair, d and d lyrics and Iommi worship and in its place came short hair, beards, and Austin Texas hipster metal.

Instant disappointment at a ploy that screamed not of progression but a manager telling them how to get rich and get out of the underground.

Fuck em.

But Age of Winters, strangely and sadly, remains one of the best goddamn metal records Ive ever heard. I never stop playing it.

But Ill never buy another Sword album. They lost me.

Enjoy your craft beers….Ill be listening to your first record and wondering What If….

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