Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams


Deftones released their self-titled 4th album in 2003 and it became my favorite release of theirs. Both the band and the album are bursting with creativity, and this one featured a lot of diversity in styles. They put out a video for the first single, Minerva, and it is probably my favorite song they have ever recorded, somehow both crushingly heavy and heartbreakingly beautiful at the same time. Chino Moreno has such a unique voice and uses it like a chameleon to fit whatever atmosphere Deftones have conjured up for any genre they are currently infiltrating. They boldly tackle shoegaze and trip hop to add to their arsenal and it makes for a fantastic sounding album. This was the last one that Terry Date produced for them and it is an amazing feast for the ears. Some of the other songs I like a lot are Hexagram, Lucky You, Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event, Deathblow, and Battle-Axe. Deftones are sometimes critized for taking too long to write, produce, and release new material, but the results speak for themselves. Quality over quantity, and Deftones are certainly quality every time.

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