Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams


Slayer released their final album featuring the original lineup of Tom Araya (vocals/bass), Kerry King (guitars), Jeff Hanneman (guitars), and Dave Lombardo (drums) in 2009.

World Painted Blood is a vicious, brutal slab of punk influenced thrash metal by one of the greatest pure metal bands to ever roam the earth..

Some would argue that if you’ve heard one Slayer album, you’ve heard them all, but I personally scoff at that theory.

World Painted Blood was written primarily in the studio, and the excitement and intensity the guys brought to this project stands up quite well next to the early classics. Hanneman and King still wrote murderously heavy riffs and played their trademark psychotic interwoven leads better than anyone else,

Tom Araya still roared and screamed with raw conviction and laser intensity, and Dave Lombardo proved why he is the absolute Beast king of thrash metal drumming.

The production on this album is insane, too…just phenomenal drum and vocal mix, and razor sharp on the guitars as well.

My favorite songs include Psycopathy Red, Hate Worldwide, Americon, Playing With Dolls, Beauty Through Order, Unit 731, and the outstanding title track.

I love the way Gary Holt from Exodus has filled in for the beloved Jeff Hanneman, and Paul Bostaph has done a great job on the drums (although no-one can really replace Dave Lombardo), but World Painted Blood was our last album of the real Slayer, and it is a killer!

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