Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams


Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin was the first rock album I ever purchased. I remember this because it literally changed my life and awakened the raging heavy metal maniac that had undoubtedly been awaiting its release since my birth! Released in 1973, Houses Of The Holy was an incredibly diverse album, featuring hard rock majesty, playful reggae, thunderous funk, a gorgeous ballad, a mysterious psychedelic viking jam, and generally immaculate playing and singing from the collective members of the mighty Zeppelin. From the first notes of the opening song on Side 1, the high energy The Song Remains The Same, all the way to the closing notes of The Ocean on Side 2, Led Zeppelin captivated my ears and imagination with such delicious sounds and ideas. I was hooked and I immediately began exploring their previous albums and began anticipating the release of Physical Graffiti. I never stopped listening to this band and on most days, if asked, I would more than likely name them my favorite band of all time.

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