Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams


1975 was the year Aerosmith broke big, and by big, I mean BIG…colossally big. They released Toys In The Attic that year, accompanied by the singles Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way. Then a brilliant person in their record company decided to release Dream On from their first album, and we all know how hugely popular that one became.

Needless to say, the bad boys from Boston had ascended to the dizzying heights of rock superstardom with Toys.

The entire album is a highlight reel of great songs and killer performances from Steven Tyler and the lads.

I have to give kudos to some of the lesser known songs, like Uncle Salty, Adam’s Apple, No More No More, and You See Me Crying.

Aerosmith learned how to put together a monster album when they were recording Toys In The Attic, and it remains their biggest seller in the United States, standing at over 8 million in sales.

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