Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Red Fang: Murder The Mountains

Red Fang are listed in Wikipedia as a stoner metal band.

I don’t know how some bands get classified, but that label seems plausible.

I hear elements of Clutch and Mastodon in their sound, which is a good thing. I saw them on one of the second stages at Mayhem one year and they are terrific live.

They were smart enough to hire Brian Posehn to be in their Wires video, and he has one of the best one liners in the history of rock videos, so they score points on that!

Oh yes, this all relates to their most excellent 2011 release, titled Murder The Mountains.

Red Fang have put out 2 more albums since that one, but it is the one I am most familiar with.

I highly recommend listening to Red Fang (either high or not high, not sure if the stoner metal tag specifies that one has to be high to enjoy stoner metal, but either way, I like ’em and I’m as straight as can be).

Red Fang hails from Portland, Oregon, which appears to be a pretty hip place to call home. Go out and buy some Red Fang and make sure to play it LOUD!!!

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