Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Saigon Kick

Saigon Kick released their self-titled debut album in 1991.

The Florida based hard rockers played a show at the legendary Brooklyn club L’Amour on April 13 of that year and I was in the audience.

I had never heard a note of their music prior to that performance, and I became an immediate fan from the first notes of New World, the lead off track of both the concert and the album.

Saigon Kick live were an explosive force that night, delivering tight musical muscle and diversity, excellent lead vocals and great harmony vocals.

The thing that struck me most were the songs, though.

I felt from the start (and much more so after countless listening sessions of the album) that Saigon Kick had tons of range, from Beatles influenced pop touches (Colors, My Life…complete with unison kazoo solo!), Jane’s Addiction’s exotic flare (New World), to straight up metal ragers (Suzy, What Do You Do, Ugly).

Some songs were a combination of hard rock overlayed with gorgeous harmonies (Come Take Me Now, For The Love Of God, Down By The Ocean, Coming Home) that should have received tons of airplay on rock radio.

Saigon Kick would get some of that much deserved attention on their next album, The Lizard but on the night I was introduced to their music it felt exciting to know this band was on the path to big things.

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