Uada, Panzerfaust, Erimha Concert Review

Written By Timothy Voldemars Johnston

The night was cold. Perfectly, beautifully, crisp and fresh. The black clad masses had gathered in front of the Coalition in anticipation. We, my Hexenklad bandmates John and Andrew, and myself, made our way through, saying our greetings to all those we knew out front and into the belly of the beast we went. The Coalition was already getting hot and there were already wisps of smoke coming from the stage where the band was setting up. Again, once inside, we did our rounds of greetings, the scene may be small but it is tight, and then Erimha took the stage. Covered in ripped up black cloth and dirty as fuck corpsepaint they blasted through a good 35-45 minute set of mostly newer material. Having seen them several times, and shared the stage with them, I can say that even with only one guitarist and no bassist, they still owned the stage for the time they were on it. As they left the stage we headed back out into the cold to cool off and breathe a bit. Spoke to some more comrades I hadn’t seen in a while and then back into the pit we all went for Panzerfaust. Dark and completely encompassed by pillowing clouds of fog Panzerfaust’s wall of noise smashed the audience relentlessly. From start to end it was an event in and of itself. There is no performance like a Panzerfaust performance. With music that is one part Funeral Mist, one part Marduk, one part Deathspell Omega and one part something completely new and fresh it just holds you and creeps into your head and stays there. Excellent. Then we’re back outside for air. Again, more conversations with comrades and then back inside for one last stab of Black Metal. After waiting for what seemed like a very long time the place filled back up with fog and the sounds of wolves howling filled the air. Up came Uada, the band we were all there to witness. Draped in cloaks that completely hid their identities they trashed around belting out melodic yet almost trance inducing Black Metal greatness. Dissection-like melodies mixed with an almost Batuska occultness twisted forth from the mist and the crowd became one with the noise. For a band that made their appearances so uniform each member still stood out in their performance and were distinct which in and of itself was a site to see. The guitarist looming over the crowd while playing as the bassist and Singer/guitarist writhed around and seemed to play off of each other’s performances as much as to the crowd. Every song was perfectly crafted and performed. When they ended the night was over. We were all satisfied and left with a sense that we had just seen something special. Can’t ask for more than that for a night of Black Metal.

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