Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams


Slipknot emerged from their Iowa Hell in 1999 to deliver their self-titled major label album debut.

The 9 headed metal beast exploded onto concert stages as part of Ozzfest that year and if memory serves me right, this album dropped the day they appeared in Noblesville, IN, at the Deer Creek amphitheater.

I was at that show, but unfortunately I missed Slipknot’s set. I have since seen them many times live, where they are quite dominant.

As much as they are known (rightly so) as a live act, Slipknot have made some pretty impressive music in the studio, too.

The Slipknot album was produced by Ross Robinson, and has an explosive mix that somehow manages to capture the contributions of all 9 members of the band without sounding too crowded.

Memorable songs for me include Surfacing, Spit It Out, Eyeless, (sic), and the amazing blast of metal/punk fury Eeyore.

Corey Taylor and the rest of the masked marauders deliver a hammering display of unbridled aggression that delivers more adrenaline than a keg of espresso.

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