Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Sweet: Desolation Boulevard

Another amazing British band from the Glam Rock days of the early ’70’s, Sweet were loaded with stacked vocal harmonies, shredding guitar work, and a crushing rhythm section.

Their 1974 release, Desolation Boulevard, spawned 2 of their biggest hits, Ballroom Blitz and Fox On The Run.

Sweet were similar to Queen vocally, with strong lead vocals supported by fantastic high harmony singing from the rest of the band.

Also, both bands featured amazing lead guitarists, Sweet’s being Andy Scott, who provided fancy fretwork all over Desolation Boulevard.

Some of my favorite deep cuts included No You Don’t, Sweet F.A., I Wanna Be Committed, The Six Teens, Solid Gold Brass, and Into The Night.

Their follow up album, Give Us A Wink, is also a phenomenal piece of work.

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