Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Megadeth: Rust In Peace

Rust In Peace (1990) was the first Megadeth album to feature Marty Friedman on guitar and Nick Menza on drums.

Of all the many lineups this veteran thrash metal band has produced over the course of their career, I feel that the Friedman/Menza years were the best.

Rust In Peace kicks off with one of the greatest thrash metal songs of all time, the magnificent Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.

Dave Mustaine has always written provocative lyrics to go with his punishingly complex guitar riffs, and Holy Wars is a perfect marriage.

Mustaine claimed that Marty played with a lot of love, while he (Dave) played with a lot of hate.

It is a great guitar team no matter how you categorize it.

The dynamic duo really heat things up in an epic battle in Hangar 18, shredding up a storm in this science fiction thriller. Other ripping songs include Five Magics, Tornado Of Souls, Lucretia, Take No Prisoners, and Rust In Peace…Polaris. Throughout this relentless collection of metal holocaust anthems, Dave Mustaine unleashes his cynical, snarling, sneering voice to breathe life into his always thought provoking words.

Megadeth supported Judas Priest on their Painkiller tour and were sandwiched between Testament and Priest. I was fortunate to see that tour and at the time it was probably the heaviest lineup I had seen yet.

Needless to say, I had found my favorite type of concert to attend. A whole lot of metal has followed in their wake.

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