Sometimes one can daring to trust that even on a chaotic sounds of Grinding Gore Metal underground noises you can be an expert for finding the good and trusted supreme being in form of melodic and catchy riffs as well as like for this band – Exhumed; their three distinctive extreme vocalists shall reminding us about the late legends of The British soil – Carcass. 
   Consisting of Col Jones (drums), Mike Beams (guitars), Matt Harvey (guitars, high vocals) and Ross Sewage (bass, low vocals); bringing the Gore Metal album as one of these San Jose grinders brilliant works so far. 
   Open of Abscess, Postmortem Procedures, Casketkrusher and Deathmask completed the vision conquest to make an ultimate Deathgrind record just like the madness shown on its tasty front cover only for the sickest people.!uAJh2xgg/exhumed-gore-metal-1998-rar

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