Written By Braddon S. Williams

Melvins: Stoner Witch

I just worked a 12 hour shift and I’m both tired and hungry, so I’m going to make this one quicker than usual.

Stoner Witch (1994) by Melvins is like a Swiss Army Knife of rock…it’s grunge…it’s stoner rock…it’s sludge metal…but mostly it’s Melvins doing what they do, which is to say it isn’t like anything else you’re likely to find out there.

I chose Melvins because I saw them live one time and they are a force of nature on the stage.

Buzz Osbourne is a true character and the band had 2 drummers that night that played together in a completely fascinating way.

Their entire set contained no pauses between songs, so it came off like a one hour rollercoaster ride of pure dementia.

Stoner Witch is a great album and Melvins are a great band…pretty sure Dave Grohl has my back on this one!


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