The Metal Guru’s Top Picks For 2018

Written By Kimi Hall

It took me long enough to finalize, but here’s my top 10, with 20 others in no order.

Convulsing- Grievous

Our Place of Worship Is Silence- With Inexorable Suffering

Tomb Mold- Manor of Infinite Forms

Hyperdontia- Nexus of Teeth

Ritual Necromancy- Disinterred Horror

Lifelost- Dialogues From Beyond

Cantique Lépreux- Paysages Polaires

Of Feather and Bone- Bestial Hymns of Perversion

Anachronism- Orogeny

My Purest Heart For You- Both Paralyzed

Mutilation Rites- Chasm

Esoctrilihum- Inhüma

Atavisma- The Chthonic Rituals

Burial Invocation- Abiogenesis

Outer Heaven- Realms of Eternal Decay

Scorched- Ecliptic Butchery-

Lago- Sea of Duress

Drudkh- Їм часто сниться капіж (They Often See Dreams About the Spring)

Hooded Menace- Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Golgothan Remains- Perverse Offerings to the Void

Genocide Pact- Order of Torment

Bonjour Tristesse- Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare-

Innumerable Forms- Punishment in Flesh

Infernal Coil- Within a World Forgotten

Mutilation Rites- Chasm

Drawn and Quartered- The One Who Lurks

Corpsessed- Impetus of Death’

Svartidauði-Revelations of the Red Sword-

U.n.c.u.l.t- Ucifrntsmael Cantvs Adramalas Ostivm: Anti-estrutual Formulas Da Genesis Do Anti-Mundo

Noose Rot

Cerebral Rot

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