Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

The Police: Synchronicity

The Police went out on top, releasing Synchronicity (1983) to nearly universal critical and public acclaim.

Synchronicity was nominated (and won) numerous awards and yielded several huge hits for the dysfunctional trio. I’m guessing that dealing with Sting all those years must have been taxing on Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, but the money was most likely a pretty decent consolation prize.

Regardless of how well the musicians got along at this point in their career, they made a damn fine final album.

Both Synchronicity I and II were on fire, and Every Breath You Take, Walking In Your Footsteps, King Of Pain, and Wrapped Around Your Finger were all international hits that saturated radio and MTV for a long stretch of time.

Some of the “deep” cuts were equally stellar, including Tea In The Sahara, Murder By Numbers, Miss Gradenko, and O My God.

The one song that Sting didn’t sing, Mother, was pretty out there, but a band as big as The Police could pretty much do as they pleased, and for the course of their storied career, The Police did just that.

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