Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Static X: Wisconsin Death Trip

Wisconsin Death Trip (1999), the platinum selling debut by Static-X, was an exciting blast of Industrial Metal or “Evil Disco” if you prefer that title instead.

Led by the distinctive presence of Wayne Static on lead vocals and guitar, Static-X had a highly energetic sound, and killer production on Wisconsin Death Trip.

Everything just exploded out of that mix, and I used several songs off this one to get hyped up back in the day.

Some of my favorites were Sweat Of The Bud, I’m With Stupid, Stem, Push It, Bled For Days, and The Trance Is The Motion.

The title song is a rager, too. Great album, great live band, and Wayne had one of the greatest hair styles in metal.

I can’t adequately describe how awesome he looked. If you don’t already know, just google Wayne and his hair. He has gone to the rock ‘n roll ranch in the sky, but his evil disco lives on.

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