Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Cradle Of Filth : Nymphetamine

Call it Extreme Metal, Black Metal, Goth Metal or some hybrid of all the above, but Cradle Of Filth are one of a kind.

The English band fronted by the theatrically named Dani Filth signed to Roadrunner Records in time to release the ambitious Nymphetamine in 2004, and came up with a collection of cinematic songs of an exceedingly dark nature.

Dani’s piercing highs and guttural lows punctuate the peaks and valleys of his poetic tales of Lovecraftian and vampiric influences.

The music of Nymphetamine alternates between savage intensity and baroque beauty and includes such colorful titles as Mother Of Abominations, Gilded Cunt, Absinthe With Faust, Medusa And Hemlock, Swansong For A Raven, Coffin Fodder, Nemesis, Gabrielle, and the haunting title track that features a duet between Filth and Liv Christine.

I caught Cradle Of Filth live when they headlined the second stage at Ozzfest one year and they are incredible on stage, as well as being a phenomenal studio band.

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