Dave Grohl Watches Bizarre Nine Inch Nails Lady Gaga Performance

Written By Brett Buchanon

Yahoo reports that Lady Gaga kicked off her “Enigma” residency at the Park MGM in Las Vegas on Friday, and some big names were in attendance.

Lady Gaga bizarrely hovered in a wire-strung harness with a KISS and P!nk-style above the 5,200-capacity crowd, above celebrities like Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Katy Perry, Queen singer Adam Lambert, and Avengers star Jeremy Renner. Gaga also wore a mirrorball-reflective unitard and geometric baby-blue wig as she fingered a keytar and sang her breakthrough 2008 hit, “Just Dance.”

She covered Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans” as well, which you can view below.

Lady Gaga has connected to the rock community recently, as she co-starred in the film A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper, whose character was inspired by Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and other musicians. Vedder first advised Cooper to not do the film, but then gave him advice on how to portray a rock star.

“Just Dance”
“Poker Face”
“Dance in the Dark”
“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”
“Government Hooker”
“I’m Afraid of Americans”
“The Edge of Glory”
“Million Reasons”
“Yoü and I”
“Bad Romance”
“Born This Way”


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