Get Doomed With A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH’s (Ex-TYPE O NEGATIVE) New Song “When The World Becomes Undone”

A Pale Horse Named Death, the band featuring vocalist and guitarist Sal Abruscato (ex-Life of Agony, ex-Type O Negative), drummer Johnny Kelly (ex-Type O Negative, Danzig), guitarist Joe Taylor (Cycle Of Pain, ex-Doro), bassist Eric Morgan (Speed Kill Hate, Helmer), and guitarist Eddie Heedles, will release their new album When The World Becomes Undone on January 18 and we’ve been given the privilege to premiere the title track for you today.

“When The World Becomes Undone” is about six and a half minutes of gloom and doom, as you’ve come to expect and love from A Pale Horse Named Death. Here’s what Abruscato had to say about the track.

“When the world becomes undone was a concept I came up with in late 2014 in regards to the global chaos that was happening happening. Sure enough 5 years later and it could not no be more accurate the world is in disarray and it has become undone”

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