Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Kiss: Ace Frehley

During my formative years as a budding guitarist, Kiss was my biggest inspiration. They were also the headliners of 2 of the first 3 concerts I ever attended.

When all four of the original members of Kiss released solo albums in 1978, I was most excited to hear what lead guitarist/spaceman Ace Frehley would come up with. Needless to say, Ace did not disappoint!

His solo disk proved to be the biggest hit of the bunch, and the most critically acclaimed. Although Ace didn’t write it, he had the biggest hit single of any of the Kiss solo records with his cover of New York Groove ( a Russ Ballard song originally recorded in 1975 by a British glam rock band called Hello). Frehley gave the tune a soulful, vaguely disco-inspired groove and hit the charts with a vengeance.

The rest of the album was more typical of the work Kiss was famous for…hard rocking gems like Speedin’ Back To My Baby, Rip It Out, Ozone, Snowblind, I’m In Need Of Love, and the killer instrumental Fractured Mirror.

Anton Fig supplied killer drums to compliment Ace’s wall of guitars and surprisingly solid vocals.

The other Kiss solo records all have their moments, but Ace Frehley is the one to own, because it definitely owns all the others!

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