Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Black Crows: The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

At first listen, I wasn’t a big fan of The Black Crowes. I felt they were too blatant in their worship of The Rolling Stones stylistically. Over time, I began to notice they did have some pretty great songs on their debut.

Then, they released The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion in 1992. The title is a mouthful of words, but The Black Crowes established themselves as individuals with that album, and made a fan of me in the process. The Stones vibe was clearly still there, but the Robinson brothers (Chris on vocals and Rich on guitars) had their own swagger and were developing some serious writing chops along the way.

This second album by the Crowes was full of funky riffs and big choruses, with a new lead guitar player in Marc Ford who helped solidify the band’s front line considerably.

I really love the song Remedy, and Hotel Illness, and Sting Me, and My Morning Song, and Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye, but probably the best of the whole bunch is the sweet soulful symphony of Thorn In My Pride. Yeah, The Black Crowes forged their identity as a studio band with this one, but where they were really building their legend was on the concert stage. These boys were the real deal as a live band, no doubt about it. Hoping they will patch things up and tour again someday, maybe do an anniversary tour of The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion. That would be a worthy tour to witness.

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