Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Skid Row: Slave To The Grind

Risk taking isn’t something normally done by musical artists after they find success in a formula driven market such as the hair metal phenomenon. So, when Skid Row hit #1 on the charts with Slave To The Grind in 1991, it was a bit of a gamble that paid off nicely. Sure, there were still 3 “power ballads” on the album, but the subject matter had definitely matured, and the overall sound and intensity of Slave To The Grind was a much harder metal attack than the formula usually dictated.

Songs like Riot Act, Get The Fuck Out, The Threat, and Psycho Love all hit hard, but it was the practically thrash metal onslaught of the title track that really demonstrated how heavy Skid Row had become.

As for the ballads, they were top notch for what they represented; maturity in a genre that was designed to repel it.

In A Darkened Room, Wasted Time, and Quicksand Jesus were all well-crafted and thoughtful pieces of work. Sebastian Bach proved to be a singer with emotional range as well as just lots of high notes.

Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo delivered some wicked riffs and lead work, and Sabo and bassist Rachel Bolan wrote the majority of the songs.

Alas, personality conflicts would eventually postpone Skid Row’s third album, and by the time it was released the grunge invasion had swept public opinion away from the style that made Skid Row their bread and butter.

No more Monkey Business (had to get that song title in there…it was one of the highlights of the album)!

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