Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Jon Butcher: Wishes

Jon Butcher released the excellent Wishes in 1987. Previously, he had put out 3 albums with the Jon Butcher Axis and was gaining a reputation as a fiery opening act.

Wishes became his most successful record, and with its followup, 1989’s equally great Pictures From The Front, Butcher was starting to do some headlining spots in clubs.

I happened to catch one of those shows in 1989 and met Butcher afterwards. He was nice, patient, and enthused that I had been listening to his music since the early days of the Axis. He played really tasty lead guitar, with emphasis on melody and tone over the more technique driven style that was en vogue at that time.

Butcher’s vocals were every bit as good as his playing, and his songs were top shelf, too.

On Wishes, the title song brings to mind Jimi Hendrix’s ballads like Little Wing and The Wind Cries Mary.

The song Wishes is my favorite of all Butcher’s work, but Holy Wars, Angel Dressed In Blue, Goodbye Saving Grace, and Little Bit Of Magic were all really full of great hooks and melodies. Wishes may not be easy to find now, but it is definitely worth the search. Jon Butcher has major talent!

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