Influences And Recollections if a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Red Hot Chili Peppers: One Hot Minute

It is a testimony to how big Red Hot Chili Peppers’ level of success had become by 1995’s One Hot Minute, that its double platinum sales status was deemed disappointing and the album ultimately was seen as a commercial failure. 2 million in sales was less than half of their previous album’s sales, but I’m here to say that One Hot Minute is one hot piece of great work by a fantastic band.

There are several reasons that One Hot Minute is one of my favorite albums from RHCP. First of all, Dave Navarro plays guitar on it, and I really love his work with Jane’s Addiction. His addition to the band brought more rock and less funk, basically altering the DNA of the band in a good way.

There is still plenty of funk (with Flea on bass, that is unavoidable), but there is a wide variety of tones and moods going on that showed signs of growth, making for some interesting material.

Another thing I noticed right away is that this album is flawlessly sequenced. It flows from song to song, mood to mood just effortlessly.

Individual songs stick out, but One Hot Minute practically demands to be listened to in order.

My personal favorites include Aeroplane, Falling Into Grace, Deep Kick, Coffee Shop, Transcending, My Friends, Warped, Walkabout, Tearjerker, One Hot Minute, and Pea.

I saw the Peppers on this tour, and Navarro was a great fit for their live show, too.

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