Anti-Drug Rock Star Gene Simmons Has Entered The Legal Weed Industry

When it comes to cannabis, Gene Simmons of Kiss is no dope.

The rock legend is looking to help Canadian citizens legally “party every day,”

That’s right folks, KISSPENSARY.  When asked how KISSPENSARYs will sent themselves apart from other marijuana dispensaries, Simmons said, “Because as you all know KISS is awesome.  Not only will we have KISS bongs shaped like our heads, KISS rolling papers, KISS grinders, and KISS vape pens, we have also had our very own strain of KISS marijuana made: KISS Kush.  Also, with every purchase, people will receive a copy of Carnival of Souls and a Peter Criss head coffee mug which we have tons of from our failed KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach.  It’s going to be very exciting.”

“I’ve never rolled anything, smoked, ever been drunk, nothing in my mouth save Aspirin maybe,” said Simmons, 68. “I’m straight, and always have been.”

So why is the towering bassist who describes himself as “perpetually sober” joining up with B. C.-based Invictus MD Strategies Corp as the chief evangelist officer for “Canada’s Cannabis Company?”

hard rocking entrepreneur explained his reasons for getting involved with the firm to the degree that it’s Toronto Stock Exchange listing is GENE.

He delivered his points with all the passion of a preacher, too, and is even on record saying it’s OK for people to consume cannabis recreationally.

“Three years ago, I was dismissive, arrogant and uniformed about medical cannabis and thought the whole notion of its medical uses as so much smoke and mirrors,” Simmons said.

“But over the last few years, I’ve started to see the tremendous new information that scientists and researchers have been telling us about the incredible uses for this humble plant that just grows there in the ground. I’m incredibly bullish on the product and, particularly, on this company.”

Canadian cannabis companies are forbidden from using celebrity endorsements, but Invictus CEO Dan Kriznic and crew brought Simmons on board as an active partner with a track record in brand marketing. His tale of business acumen can be found in his books On Power and Me, Inc.

Having a man who made millions selling Kiss brand Air Guitar Strings — nothing more than a band label affixed to an empty plastic bag — for $4.99 on your team can’t be anything but a boon for business.

“We just built 33,000 square feet of new facility about a 20 minute drive away from my hometown of Edson, AB., and took Gene up there to take a look around,” said Kriznic.

“Another 23 strains were just brought into the country from The Netherlands which all have varying levels of CBD, THC, etc. for a wide variety of medical uses from seizure syndrome to pain management and so forth. There is still a lot of research being done, and it’s moving really fast.”

Simmons agrees, noting that legislation is slow and plodding far behind the science. Fear of public positions against greater access to medical and recreational marijuana plagues legislators, too, he said.

“But, on the other hand, cigarettes are legal and might give you cancer,” said Simmons. “I’m not here to wave the flag, but I do firmly believe that everyone should read up on the research and all of the amazing things that are coming out. Obviously, big pharma is probably not too pleased about this arising from a simple plant God put in the ground.”

Throughout his entire career, Simmons ran his band like a business, too. Kiss is one of the most successful brands in entertainment, with so many product lines and cross-marketing that it’s hard to keep tabs on them all. Just don’t make the mistake of using anything from the band without permission. Simmons protects his logos, images, music, you name it.

He says that this comes from having a “big picture” understanding of business and freely admits that he is not the details guy. He has been drawn into many of his diverse ventures, more often than not, because he established a personal connection.

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