Iron Maiden mega-fan launches cancer fundraiser with epic trip

Iron Maiden devotee Emily will follow the band on their North American tour – and you can donate

An Iron Maiden fan is embarking on a breast cancer fundraiser by following the band on their upcoming North American tour.

The Australian fan, named Emily, will attend 24 gigs by the metal legends in the US and Canada this year. In a video, she explains how she is battling the disease herself after losing her mother aunt and grandmother to it, and is facing an operation to undergo a preventative mastectomy.

“Because the trip is so crazy, lots of friends were asking me to document my travels on a private blog, as I have done in the past,” says Emily, who decided to book the tickets after seeing Iron Maiden on the Legacy Of The Beast tour in 2018. “After thinking about it, I realized I could take advantage of the extraordinary nature of this trip to set up a fundraiser for women who don’t have the same access to medical treatment as I do.”

Emily will be documenting her trip on Instagram. Anyone wanting to follow her updates will be asked to make a donation to her GoFundMe page. All proceeds will go towards treatement for women in Peru suffering from breast cancer.

“It’s one thing to be a poor woman in a developing country, but it’s a whole ‘nother set of dire circumstances to be a terminally ill poor woman in a developing country,” says Emily, who has visited Peru many timesd. “That’s why I’ve teamed up with Club de la Mama INEN Neoplásicas, a volunteer organisation offering support to Peruvian breast cancer patients.”

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