Texas Slam Kings KILL EVERYTHING premiere the video for their new single, ‘Infatuated With Homicide’ at SLAM WORLDWIDE


Texas-based Comatose Music recording artist Kill Everything will be releasing their new video/single titled 'Infatuated with Homicide' Wednesday, July 3rd at 12:00 pm Eastern time via Slam Worldwide!


Kill Everything's 2018 debut release Scorched Earth slammed the earth with its Texas style slamming savagery; kicking off at New York Deathfest 6 in August 2018, in less than a year the album has covered the global death metal world with its unique blend of heavy eight string grooves and blasting guttural torment. Kill Everything toured all the major Texas cities and across the United States with deathfests including New York, Chicago and Las Vegas and made their first California appearance on Sept 28th at the Los Angeles Extermination Fest 2019!

During the course of a year guitarist and backing vocalist Weston Wylie stepped into the main vocal role, replacing the Texas legend Michael Majewski, former long-standing Devourment vocalist who joined Kill Everything alongside founding member and writer of Devourment's cult 1999 release Molesting The Decapitated, guitarist Brian (aka Brain) Wynn. Along with founding Kill Everything drummer Shane Newbrough and bassist Jeff Huffman they laid the ground work to complete the transition for Weston to bring a new direction to the killing machine that gained world-wide recognition from the start. Kill Everything became a new monster while writing their second release and touring throughout 2019.

The new single, 'Infatuated with Homicide', shows the growth and focus of a well-seasoned group of long-standing musicians who share one goal - to violently murder the listener! Their video was filmed and produced by Paul Mcguire of Obscenery Films on location in Texas, to showcase the Dallas metal scene with the renowned Pit Bulls Mosh Organization. The video represents Texas death metal - raw, violent and thunderous - the way Kill Everything has always reigned, true and monstrous!

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