On This Day in History

Written By Braddon S Williams aka “The Concert Critic”

On this date in history, 7/12/2019, The Clyde Theatre in Ft. Wayne, IN hosted the triumphant return of Static-X!

When I first heard this tour was being promoted, I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical. Wayne Static passed away in 2014 and presumably took Static-X with him. He was the face and voice of the band, after all. Seeing is believing, and I have seen (and heard) what an incredible job the rest of the remaining members of the band have accomplished.

With the help of a mystery vocalist (announced as “Xero” by the band) who wore an amazing “Wayne” mask, and somehow channeled the very spirit of the late, beloved singer/guitarist, Static-X were suddenly back in all their glory.

This tour not only memorializes the man, but also celebrates the band’s classic debut, 1999’s electrifying Wisconsin Death Trip. Most of the songs in the crushing headlining set were drawn from the album that put Static-X on the map. Bled For Days, I Am, Love Dump, Trance Is The Motion, I’m With Stupid, an absolutely earth shaking Sweat Of The Bud, and the crushing final Push It all literally electrified the rabid audience.

At this point I have to give a bunch of praise to the Clyde Theatre. This was my first time at the venue, and the facility is wonderful. Absolutely state of the art lights and sound contributed to all 4 of the support bands, and made the triumphant return of Static-X a memory I will always treasure. Speaking of support bands; DevilDriver were billed as co-headliners, and Dez Fafara and company brought the fury, never dimming their considerable intensity for a single moment.

The band has undergone a number of personnel and musical changes since I last saw them in 2007’s Ozzfest, but I’m happy to report that the DevilDriver I know and love are still standing tall. They even slipped in a couple of Coal Chamber songs and had the crowd moshing and pumping the horns high and proud throughout.

Dope didn’t fare too well, citing technical difficulties and apologizing profusely. I felt for them, because their stage set up looked fantastic, and as a musician I have been at the mercy of equipment issues. Sometimes it’s just not your night. Hopefully I get a chance to see them again at the same place, but with better results.

Wednesday 13 delivered a delightfully creepy display of metallic shock rock, and aided by the superb lights and sound provided by the Clyde, they came across like confident headliners.

The opening band, Raven Black, show a lot of promise in the same shock rock field, and I have to say that most opening bands in a multiple band showcase don’t get nearly the generous treatment of sound and lights that Raven Black received.

Once again, The Clyde Theatre seems to be doing things the way they should be done. All in all, this was a historic occasion…blending the fierce love and fond memory of a fallen metal icon with the celebration of a different era in metal music. I was fortunate to see Static-X twice in the days when Wayne Static stood out from the pack with that outrageous hair and undeniable talent…and I am thrilled to say that Static-X is back and doing their legacy far beyond proud. Evil Disco is back!

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