Toxic Metal By Tito

Written By Tito Vespasiani

This smashes. Gohrgone from France! Thick, super groovy death metal reminding me a bit of Dyscarnate, early Decapitated or even Dying Fetus (less techy, but that’s the overall vibe). Check it out!

Fantastic album. Sounds like “Gateways” from Morbid Angel and Altar’s Paramnesia meeting very early Portal. The results is a more accessible and catchy than the last band to be mentioned yet dark as fuck. Very interesting mix. The Ominous Circle.

This album was just great!

Always had a soft spot for this track. So soothing in a way. Hey, I’m a sensitive boy sometimes.

Gorefest – False

FILTH! New LORD GORE Band out now via Everlasting Spew Records. Old school death gore metal w/ members of Ritual Necromancy, Torture Rack, Ascended Dead.


CDs and shirts available at

Selvans, Black Metal from Italy. This is horror in music. One of the most interesting things I came across to in recent times. This album is all over the place, gathering vibes from Kampfar, very early Cradle Of Filth, even The Visions Bleak to an extent. Neofolk interludes, organs and even some kind of a Morricone feeling on one of the tracks which could bring stuff in the vein of Volahn to mind. Give this a try. You’ll most likely think it’s strange as fuck at first, and then you’ll love it. Trust me.

My dudes in Nothingness have dropped a GREAT death metal album today. Dark, sinister, old schoolish. Check out these dudes from Minneapolis, same place who recently gave birth to Void Rot as well. Something dark is going on there. And I like it.

Another great tour confirmed for Vitriol , these guys are on a roll and hitting Europe again next Spring with Krisiun and Gruesome! Are you going to attend any of these shows?

Vitriol’s debut “Pain will define their death” is still available in the Everlasting Spew Records shop!

New Insomnium track! This will be a strong Autumn for Century Media Records, this album drops on October 4th while new Hideous Divinity drops on November 8th.

#CenturyMedia #DeathMetal

Giuseppe Di Giorgio Phillip Sanio Sara Stellacci Ryan Wills Travis Macleod

“Desecrator. Violator. Devastator. Messenger of Death!”

This is just SHARP and deadly. TheCrownOfficial

My friends Dictated dropped a new vid! Sick dutch death metal featuring also Julien of Benighted on this track. This is gross, twisted, disgusting… and I LOVE IT. Great job Yessica Netto!

New track from my brothers Vacivus! This is top quality obscure Death Metal from the UK. Jam it right now!


“Ladies and Gentlemen,

The cathartic hunt of “Unsettling Whispers” still pumps in the veins of the Lost Society and we can now announce a long awaited Grand European Raid this coming fall, through some familiar and some unknown cities alongside people we respect and praise, Numenorean from Canada. We now invite you to a Massive march in Catharsis that shall make its way from North to South of Europe, marking the glorious arrival of the coldest breeze this Winter will ever feel.

We’re looking forward to visit Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Netherlands and UK. It’s been a long wait. General Tickets and Exclusive tour Items to be posted soon.


05.12 Copenhagen (DK) – Spillestedet Stengade

06.12 Aarlborg (DK) – 1000Fryd

07.12 Münster (GER) – Wintermelodei 2019

08.12 Hamburg (GER) – Hafenklang

09.12 Berlin (GER) – Badehaus Berlin

10.12 Cologne (GER) – Helios

11.12 Mainz (GER) – Schön Schön

12.12 Münich (GER) – Backstage München

14.12 Graz (AT) – Club Q

15.12 Vienna (AT) – Viper Room Vienna

16.12 Koper (SI) – Center mladih Koper

18.12 Colmar (FR) – Le Grillen

19.12 Haarlem (NL) – Patronaat Haarlem

20.12 Terneuzen (NL) – Podium In Terneuzen

21.12 London (UK) – Boston Music Room

Management and Booking: Tito Vespasiani |

Doomstar Bookings | Transcending Obscurity Records | Season of Mist | Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side | Metalleux de France | Zware Metalen | Soultone Cymbals

Blasting the FORBIDDEN TUNES. … I like this track 👀

Listening to this SepticFlesh album again after ages today. My taste has changed since 2011 and I don’t listen to much stuff like this anymore, but this aged greatly. The symphonic work is simply outstanding and still strong. Majestic album.

“Simulacrum” out on November 8th via Century Media Records. First track and preorders in two weeks.

Booking and management: Tito Vespasiani

Everlasting Spew Records update: Memento Mori titles now in the shop! These are absolutely great. Top quality old school death and death doom! Find them at

-Ataraxy “Curse Of The Requiem Mass + Rotten Shit” (CD) 7.99€

-Atavisma “The Chthonic Rituals” (CD) 7.99€

-Barús “Drowned” (CD) 7.99€

-Damnatory “The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003” (CD) 7.99€

-Dead Conspiracy “Dead Conspiracy” (CD) 7.99€

-Filtheater “Blight Of Sempiternal Putrefaction” (CD) 7.99€

-Funeralopolis “…Of Death / …Of Prevailing Chaos” (CD) 7.99€

-Horrisonous “A Culinary Cacophony” (CD) 7.99€

-Infamovs “Under The Seals Of Death” (CD) 7.99€

-Morbid Messiah “Demoniac Paroxysm” (CD) 7.99€

-Morbo “Addiction To Musickal Dissection” (CD) 7.99€

-Petrification “Hollow Of The Void” (CD) 7.99€

-Pile Of Excrements “Escatology” (CD) 7.99€

-Ravenous Death “Chapters Of An Evil Transition” (CD) 7.99€

-Ruin “Human Annihilation” (CD) 7.99€

-Shrine Of The Serpent “Entropic Disillusion” (CD) 7.99€

-Thanatos “Thanatology: Terror From The Vault” (2CD) 11.99€

-Vile Apparition “Depravity Ordained” (CD) 7.99€

-War Possession “Doomed To Chaos” (CD) 7.99€

Huge GAEREA announcement coming.

Prayers have been heard. The Vortex Society is coming for you.

Hideous Divinity’s brand new logo designed by the Belgian master Bram Bruyneel! The lettering is fully reshaped to perfectly represent the rawer, wicked current dentity of Hideous Divinity while keeping our Hideousgram sigil. Renovation and tradition. Check it out on the cover art for the brand new album “Simulacrum” out on November 8th via Century Media Records:

New Hideous Divinity album out on November 8th via Century Media Records!

Italian Death Metal force HIDEOUS DIVINITY will release their fourth full-length album “Simulacrum” on November 8th via Century Media Records.

Enrico S states:

“As we step into our biggest chapter to date starting our adventure with Century Media Records, we push our boundaries not by changing our music but by offering a new distorted shape of the HIDEOUS DIVINITY you already know. That’s the entire concept behind “Simulacrum”: with the outstanding excuse given by David Lynch’s “Lost Highways”, a universe made of non-linear, surrealistic visions, HIDEOUS DIVINITY become a new creature, its dirtiness enhanced by an aura of static permeating our music. We embrace this static, and the change it brings.

The production level achieved with “Adveniens” is now gifted with the wildest dynamic range achievable. Each instrument cutting through the mix when required by the song. As it should be. Stefano “Saul” Morabito is once again the unmatchable alchemist, and his 16th Cellar Studios the forge we’d never give up.

Just like the new, superb cover artwork by Vladimir “Smerdulak” Chebakov, we tear up our mask and subvert the rules. From Cronenberg’s metamorphosis to Lynch’s anamorphosis we re-compose the body of our music itself, like an electrical seizure we live over and over again. This is “Simulacrum”.”

The album will feature ten original songs delivered with jaw-dropping technical finesse, as well as two covers, Machine Head’s “Blood Of The Zodiac” and Mayhem’s classic “Cursed In Eternity”, as bonus tracks on the digipack CD (which will also be included in the LP edition).

Recorded, mixed and mastered once again by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio

The impressive artwork was again created by Vladimir Chebakov who also did the cover for Hideous Divinity’’s last album “Adveniens”. Digipack features 5 more stunning paintings by Vladimir.

New logo by Bram Bruyneel

Keep your eyes peeled for the astonishing video clip for the first single “The Embalmer” that’s supposed to premiere in early September along with the pre-order start!


01. Deleuzean Centuries

02. The Embalmer

03. Condense

04. Anamorphia Atto III

05. The Deaden Room

06. Actaeon

07. Bent Until Fracture

08. Seed of Future Horror

09. Prey to a Vision

10. Implemini Exitio


11. Blood of the Zodiac (Machine Head Cover)

12. Cursed in Eternity (Mayhem Cover)

Next shows:

November 2 nd , 2019 – Masters Of Grind (Belgium)


Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (vocals)

Enrico Schettino (guitars)

Riccardo Benedini (guitars)

Stefano Franceschini (bass)

Giulio Galati (drums)

HIDEOUS DIVINITY online (EU Merch Store)

Management and EU/Rest of the World booking:

Tito Vespasiani –

Booking for North America:

Stephan Mellul @ Continental Concerts USA –

#HideousDivinity #Simulacrum #Metal #DeathMetal

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