Out Now! One-Man Prog Band SURFACE OF THE SUN’s New EP “Panacea”

For fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Miosis, Karnivool, Alpha Galates

Out Now! One-Man Prog Band SURFACE OF THE SUN’s New EP “Panacea”

Out now as of September 6th, Devon Eggers and his solo project SURFACE OF THE SUN has unveiled the new EP “Panacea”.The EP consists of four songs, each providing a unique element and feel to the sophomore release. All vocals and music were written, performed and recorded by Devon Eggers except for the drums, which were composed by Chris Warunki (Omnisight). Since his first recording in 2011, “A Dying Star”, Eggers has worked hard to make a more polished, detailed, and refined second effort with “Panacea”. The EPdefinitely brings that aspiration alive with more elaborate song arrangements with a SURFACE OF THE SUN sound. Eggers explains in further detail: 

“The ‘Panacea’ EP was a major solo undertaking, so I’m very excited to finally be at the release date. I started writing most of these songs about 4-5 years ago, picking away at them here and there as ideas came and went. Then a little over a year ago, when I decided to go the route of releasing an EP, these four songs had come together in a way that felt right, and like they belonged together on the same release. So, in August 2018 I pushed the other songs aside for a bit so I could focus on these four.From there on I spent every moment I could working on these songs. My evenings and weekends were spent in the studio recording, writing new parts, finding neat sound effects to add additional layers, completing the lyrics and vocal melodies. I spent countless hours molding the songs into the final versions over the coming months. Then, early this year (after some major equipment malfunctions that delayed me a month or two) I’d completed the bulk of the songs enough to record the drums, which are the only instrument I didn’t play on this EP.

My amazing drummer, Chris Warunki, and I spent the month of March sending videos and notes back and forth working out the drum parts until we were ready to hit the studio. We recorded the drums in Monarch Studios over a couple of very long days at the beginning of April. The next few weeks involved me compiling all the best drums takes and prepping the songs to be mixed. I then started mixing the songs near the end of May, and in June was fortunate enough to be squeezed into a very good mastering engineer’s schedule to complete the last step of the process.
So now, here I am, a year and about two weeks after deciding to finish these four songs, ready to finally share them with everyone. The process was long, was a lot of work, and tiring, but I loved every moment of it. And I love these songs. I hope others find enjoyment in them as well.”

Heavy, creative and catchy, SURFACE OF THE SUN is appealing for all fans of progressive metal, especially those with an interest in Tool, Karnivool, and Chevelle.

“Panacea” is available for stream and download on SpotifyBandcampApple Music, and all other major music platforms.

Track Listing:
1. The Science Says (5:03)
2. Oblivion (5:22)
3. The Silence (6:16)
4. Panacea (8:52)
EP Length: 25:34
For more info:

Surface of the Sun is a one-man project spawned from the mind of Devon Eggers. Working on music over the years in the capacity of a recording engineer, he decided to complete a few of his musical ideas on his own. He manifests the subjects for the catchy and melodic songs, and then writes, performs and records all the instruments and vocals save for the drums. He does his own mixing but usually outsources the mastering and has two completed albums to date.

Surface of the Sun is a listening experience that people can get lost in; it is dynamic with a rollercoaster of energy, melodies and heaviness. Each song stands out on its own while still complimenting the others.

Unrestricted by any other creative influence, Eggers can focus on his sole vision for progressive metal that he hopes will inspire others in some way, especially to think outside the box, to question, to be open, or to better themselves and others. While many of the lyrics may be aggressive and highlight an issue, Eggers usually writes in a way that focuses on correcting or improving whatever that problem may be.

In 2011, he released the debut full length ‘A Dying Star’ which is being followed up in 2019 with the EP ‘Panacea’ that will show further maturation and how Eggers has grown as an artist, writer, producer and engineer.

“Calling all fans of music in the vein of Tool (yes, we’re talking about alternative metal, art tock, progressive metal, progressive rock, and all of that juicy goodness); please allow us to introduce you to Mr. Devon Eggers, a recording engineer and independent, British Columbia, Canada-based musician whose one-man solo prog project is dubbed Surface of the Sun… Nothing at all quiet about this new single, “The Silence” is a six-minute and seventeen second-long lesson in modern, progressive metal that should find its way onto many new fans’ playlists. Clearly, we’re dealing with a talented dude here; with the exception of the drums, Eggers wrote, performed, recorded, and even mixed all of the music and vox heard on the new EP.” – PureGrainAudio

“If you’re looking for music that will envelop you with multitudes of thoughts, emotions, and moments common to the human experience, then you are going to want to get your hands on Panacea by Surface of the Sun.” – The Littlest Voice

“The Verdict: On some level, Surface Of The Sun excites me more than the new Tool album on the horizon. There’s a youthful excitement and energy to what Eggers is doing that I don’t think Maynard and co. can still conjure in this phase of their lives. It’s a hunger that just can’t be faked, and Panacea has that in spades.” – Metal Trenches

“Cet EP propose vingt-six minutes d’une musique puissante et hypnotique (‘Panacea’) qui alterne les ambiances, sur laquelle la guitare n’intervient qu’occasionnellement pour tisser des motifs autour d’ une section rythmique en béton armé qui assure l’essentiel de la musique, tout en proposant des mélodies entêtantes, à l’image de celle du premier titre ‘The Science Says’.” – Neo Prog

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