Your last chance to hear the doomed grandeur of Consecration’s Fragilium and the frenetic grindcore of Stench Of Profit’s Human Discount!

Two of our recent campaigns are now drawing to an end – each very different to the other, but both equally brilliant in their own unique way! First of all we have the doomed, despairing grandeur of Consecration‘s Fragilium, out now on Solitude Productions

Blending the decaying grandeur of epic doom, with the visceral power of primal death and the taste of memories so sharply poignant they draw blood and tears in equal measure, Consecration have summoned into being Fragilium – a towering album that stands like a pitch black monolith against the night sky, casting shadows so deep they swallow the darkness. The currents of aching melancholy that sweep through these songs are so deeply powerful that they threaten to consume the unwary listener. The guitar melodies sing like sirens to the lost while the obsidian riffs devastate all that stand in the path of their inexorable, measured progress. Mastered to perfection by Markus Stock of The Vision Bleak and Empyrium, whose deft touch has polished the twilight sounds of AhabWinterfylleth and Secrets Of The Moon, Fragilium walks paths of unprecedented musical and emotional depth.

“…a wuthering bleakness slowly embracing and overwhelming the listener.”  – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
“…something truly evil and beautifully captivating at the same time ”  – BETWEEN THE LINES MEDIA
“… stands out as one of the darker, and often times disturbing, Doom releases of the year.”  – METAL TEMPLE

For more information on Consecration click here
Visit Consecration on Facebook
Visit Solitude Productions

The other album that will soon be leaving us is the furious grindcore assault of Stench Of Profit‘s Human Discount EP, a short, sharp shock of sound released by Lethal Scissor Records

The nihilistic grindcore of Stench Of Profit is the sound of that final act of defiance and new EP, Human Discount, consists of four outbursts of uncontrolled anger that spit venom in every direction. Taking their name from a song on grindcore legends Brutal Truth’s revered Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses album, Stench Of Profit strive to create the most caustic, hyperactive, frenzied grindcore imaginable. Italian trio, MaurizioLory and Giovanni have poured their anti-system, anti-control, anti-profit, anti-capitalist philosophy into a Molotov cocktail of furious grind that strips the flesh from your face with its sheer manic velocity – it’s unhinged, it’s warped, it’s manic…and utterly exhilarating!

“… a wholly terrorizing and bulldozing offering…”  – CADAVER GARDEN
“… shocking helping of grindcore a la TerrorizerGadgetNasum…”  – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
“ For fans of grindcore like Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, you are sure to enjoy this record.”  – BETWEEN THE LINES MEDIA

For more information on Stench Of Profit click here
Visit Stench Of Profit on Facebook
Visit Lethal Scissor Records

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