BLACK MASTIFF Rocket To ‘Star Base 77’ With New Animated Music Video For Upcoming Album Out Oct 18th

L-R: | Allan Harding (Drums) | Bobby Yiannakoulias (Guitar and Vocals) | Clay Shea (Bass)
Photo Credit: A.Kalinowski

Edmonton’s Black Mastiff are blasting off to ‘Star Base 77’ with their new animated music video in support of their forthcoming album “Loser Delusions” due out on October 18, 2019 via Grand Hand Records. The video’s animation was created by Black Mastiff‘s own vocalist/guitarist Bobby Yiannakoulias.

“As a songwriter, this track is about us all being insignificant in the world while we’re so obsessed with whether or not we get likes “Hope the station knows that I’ve arrived”. The guitar, drums, and bass are working together with a very precise heavy heating march. That’s how we do our thing. When singing this song I thought a lot about Bobby Liebling and Blue Cheer doing “Summertime Blues”. As a filmmaker, I love animation and movies old rotoscope movies like ‘The Hobbit‘ from 1977.I tried to draw from that style but with an added sense of humour.” says Yiannakoulias.

The animated video can be viewed via its exclusive premiere on Outlaws of The Sun HERE.

Ready to put listeners into a fuzzy mood with their signature groove with their new album ‘Loser Delusions’, this latest release from Black Mastiffexplores new territories, with distinctive, thick sounds and soulful vocals that are immediately recognizable.

“Loser Delusions” is much more eclectic than their previous record, “Music Machine”, and shows the band is comfortable stepping outside of the expected. With “Loser Delusions”, the band is inviting fans on a musical journey that passes through all things rock n’ roll, from garage to prog, there are many influences that Black Mastiff has not previously tapped into that are present on this new album. 

Fans of Deep PurpleQueens of The Stone Age, Black Keys, and KyussBlack Mastiff is a blizzard of distortion that will be experienced in full on October 18, 2018 through all music platforms.

In additional news, Black Mastiff will be hitting the road to promote the new album for the ‘Tourgether At Last’ with label mates Calgary’s Chron Goblin. The Canadian tour will be kicking off in Lethbridge, AB on October 10th and head east towards Montreal, QC to then circle back out west to wrap up on October 25th in Edmonton, AB.

Canadian Tour Dates: Black Mastiff + Chron Goblin ‘Tourgether At Last’
October 10 – Lethbridge, AB – Owl Acoustic Lounge
October 11 – Calgary, AB – The Palomino Smokehouse
October 12 – Regina, SK – The German Club
October 13 – Winnipeg, MB – The Handsome Daughter
October 15 – Sudbury, ON – The Asylum 
October 16 – Ottawa, ON – House of Targ
October 17 – Montreal, QC – Turbo Haus
October 18 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck
October 19 – Windsor, ON – Dominion House
October 20 – Hamilton, ON – This Ain’t Hollywood *
October 21 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Six Two Oh! *
October 25 – Edmonton, AB – Temple
*= Black Mastiff Only

Track Listing:
1. Down By A sound (4:44)
2. Bike Club (4:33)
3. Machines (4:23)
4. A Tangle (4:33)
5. Other Kinds (3:46)
6. Star Base 77 (4:02)
7. Paddle (3:57)
8. Mind Vibe (4:30)
9. Spastic Rhythms (4:14)
10. Stranger (4:26)
Album Length: 43:13

Album Band and Live Line Up:
– Bobby Yiannakoulias – Guitar and lead vocals
– Clay Shea – Bass and Backing vocals
– Allan Harding – Drums and Backing vocals

More info:


Edmonton’s Black Mastiff (Bob Yiannakoulias, Clay Shea, Allan Harding) is a band built around lifelong friendships and having fun, a vibe they’ve extended to both their porous, heavy, and vigorous live performance, and their recordings.

With their third full-length album Loser Delusions (Fall 2019), keeping it together became a literal priority. During the four years since their well-received Music Machine (New Damage Records, 2015), recorded and beautifully produced at Thunder Underground Studio in the desert of Palm Springs with John Garcia (KyussVista Chino), the trio had to change their perception of how a band operates. Already Renaissance men and entrepreneurs in other life ventures, when facing unforeseen challenges the band sharpened their production and business know-how by starting their own label, Grand Hand, with tour mates Chron Goblin. When drummer Allan moved to Vancouver, they decided to see how distance apart could add to, rather than take away from, their creative process and sound. The result is a determined continuation of what they do best, with a voyaging out into new sonic territory. 

“This one rises above the ultra-crowded stoner rock genre with its seriously ’70s vibe, cool and lazy vocal delivery, warm production and adherence to the riff over everything else.”  – Exclaim

“Black Mastiff is a power trio that creates their own version of stoner rock. They take a super heavy riff for a ride and explore a groove with a heavy rhythmic infra-structure and beautiful melodic vocals that bear the influence of the sounds of the desert.”  – Coachella Valley Weekly“I’m a fan of music….when you hear music that makes you feel….well, that’s what Black Mastiff did for me…they made me feel…… there was just something there. When music makes you feel anything, anything at all. Happy, sad, takes you back…I don’t care who it is. I don’t care if it’s Earth, Wind or Fire, Motley Crue, if it draws out deep emotion, I become a fan. I became a fan of Black Mastiff when Bruno Fevery and I caught their set….So much so, that I covered one of their songs on my new solo album.” – John Garcia-(KYUSSSlo BurnVista Chino
“I saw them in Edmonton, Canada. They have such a unique take on music and just when you think you know where it’s gonna go, they take it somewhere completely unexpected….some of their songs remind me of a modern version of The Doors whether they see it or not.” –  John Garcia– (KYUSSSlo BurnVista Chino)  

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