BODY HARVEST premiere new video at Zero Tolerance Magazine website and announce UK Tour dates!

Today the band have launched their new lyric video ‘Apocalyptic Abomination‘ exclusively at the Zero Tolerance Magazine website. ‘Apocalyptic Abomination’ is taken from Body Harvest’s first album for Comatose MusicParasitic Slavery, which is available now.


Speaking to ZT about the new video, the band offered the following statement
“The track describes an unearthly force delivering destruction to everything and everyone you know, leaving a barren wasteland devoid of anything humane or lifelike.”WATCH ‘APOCALYPTIC ABOMINATION’ AT ZT MAG NOW! The video premiere conincides with Body Harvest’s announcement of their UK tour.

The most intense UK death metal band around will be hitting London (October 28th) with DeathriteSkelethal and Live Burial, before hooking up with Carnation and Sisters Of Suffocation for dates in Brighton (October 29th), Bristol (October 30th), Manchester(October 31st) and Nottingham (November 1st).

All dates are sponsored by Zero Tolerance Magazine.

Body Harvest have compiled a special Carnation/Body Harvest/Sisters Of Suffocation UK Tour 2019 Spotify playlist to get you all in the mood for the destruction to come – check it out hereCheck out the video for ‘Apocalyptic Abomination’ now and prepare for Body Harvest’s arrival in your town.

For more information on Body Harvest click here
Visit Body Harvest on Facebook

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