Music = Life

Written By Christy Lee

The world desperately needs musicians, artists, poets, writers, painters, film makers, photographers, sculptures, ect.

Without these artistic souls who have the ability to express the beauty they see, feel and hear our existence would be considerably bleak. Kind of like watching an old black and white silent film. Its cool and artsy to an extent but we live in a world thats vivid, beautiful, intense, scary, loving and cruel. Its not just black and white, its many different shades.

Artists open themselves up to the whole world in a daring vulnerability and share their pain, happiness, love and all types of experiences through their art.

They have the ability to expose ugly truths that no one really wants to see. They share intimate experiences, heartache, happiness and great despair. All of their memories in a dazzling and unique display in such a personal way.

The whole world is invited inside an individual psyche to share what each person has experienced and everyones perception is a remarkable journey thats one of a kind.

A song can have an unparalleled ability to resonate with each of us on a very personal level which goes to show all humans share the same experiences at one time or another.

Music is a universal language that has always disseminated with me. When I hear a great song It has the power to transcend. It can take me to another time. Music has the power to evoke emotion.

Music is the life blood that fuels me and fills me up.

In conclusion I would not want to live in a world without music or any other form of art. To me that would be no kind of life worth living.

This is dedicated to all the artists of the world and with special thanks to the incredible members of our Vinyl Lair team, Joe Evin, Braddon S. Williams, Winder Marin, Corie McGuigan and Brian Auer with whom none of this would be possible.

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