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Liquid Visions
Founded in Berlin, Germany in 1994 – Disbanded in 2004

Psychedelic/space rock band LIQUID VISIONS was founded in Berlin at the turn of the year 1994/95 by Hans-Peter Ringholz (guitar, vocals), Dave Schmidt (aka SULA BASSANA) on bass, Robert Terkhany (guitar, vocals) and drummer Markus Rometsch. Over the years the band saw a bunch of line-up changes and developed the sound which basically is a blend of garage/fuzz rock and spacey trips in combination with a lightshow concept when playing live.

The band soon started playing gigs. In 1996 besides the remaining Ringholz, Terkhany and Schmidt the crew also featured Alex Bulgrin on vocals, Mike Ostrich (organ) and drummer Wolfgang Seidel. The eponymous debut album came out another two years later, released on Nasoni Records. The live album ‘Endless Plasmatic Childhood Overdose’ offering three extended tracks followed in 2000 and shortly Katja Wolf joined playing organ, theremin and celebrating a blacklight dance-performance with her flourescent painted body to the swirling sounds of the band.

The next album ‘Hypnotized’ (2002) also features Kiryk Drewinski (vocals, guitar) and new drummer Chris Schwartzkinsky. This line-up remained stable until January 2004 when Dave Schmidt left to concentrate on other tasks. He was substituted by Eric Haegert. The same year saw the release of another album called ‘From The Cube’. LIQUID VISIONS went into hibernation though, played the last concert so far on New Year’s Eve 2004.

Hans-Peter Ringholz / guitar, vocals
David Schmidt / bass, keyboards, synth
Robert Terkhany / guitar, vocals
Markus Rometsch / drums
Alexander Bulgrin / vocals
Thommy Habjanec / drums
Klaus Bühler / drums
Smolle / drums
Daryal / guitar
Gülay / vocals
Amanda / vocals
Wolfgang Seidel / drums
Michael Strauß / organ
Steffen Schurz / drums
Katja Wolff / theremin, organ, performance
Kiryk Drewinski / guitar, vocals
Chris Schwartinsky / drums
Eric Haegert / bass

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