Megadeth’s Farewell Speech Leaves Fans Emotional

At the end of Megadeth’s European tour Dave Mustaine posted a farewell message for their European fans on the bands Twitter page and thanked them, their killer crew and the venues for everything. The band also gave some information about what they will do in the future.

“We wanted to thank the bands we played with, our amazing hardworking crew who help us put on the best show possible night after night, the venues, security, & our die hard fans who traveled far and wide to see us play,” they said. “It means the world to us! An extra special thank you to Cullen and Ellie at Adidas for setting us up with these amazing jackets! Kept us warm in these beautiful frozen European cities.”

They continued: “We are heading home for a brief break, record album 16 and then preparing for our summer tour with Lamb of GodTrivium and In Flames. Get your tickets now, you don’t want to miss what we have planned for you!”

The closest Megadeth concert will take place on February 26 at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in New York City.

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