Psychedelic Lunch

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series, “Monster Movie Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore psychedelic tunes from the 60’s to today. Weekdays At Noon EST. Enjoy the trip!

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (2003)

The 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake is one of the few reboots that is just as good as the original. It almost reigns superior if you take into consideration the dope soundscape. While the original film features songs from local Texas musicians, the 2003 version throws down some Pantera, Hatebreed, Meshuggah and even Lamb of God. Damn, Leatherface, you have good taste!

Based loosely on true events that inspired the original “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, the new film centers around a group of friends whose free-spirited roadtrip becomes a terrifying descent into madness when they find themselves isolated in a rural Texas community.

The complete track listing for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Album” is as follows:

01. PANTERA – Immortally Insane (new remix, prev. unavailable in U.S.)
02. HATEBREED – Below The Bottom
03. SOIL – Pride (new track)
04. STATIC-X – Deliver Me (new track, to be used a future b-side)
06. SEETHER – Pig
07. NOTHINGFACE – Down In Flames (previously unavailable)
08. 40 BELOW SUMMER – Self Medicate
09. MOTOGRATER – Suffocate
10. SHADOWS FALL – Destroyer Of Senses
11. MESHUGGAH – Rational Gaze
12. FEAR FACTORY – Archetype (new song)
13. MORBID ANGEL – Enshrined By Grace
14. INDEX CASE – Listen
15. FINGER ELEVEN – Stay In Shadow
16. LAMB OF GOD – Ruin
17. SWORN ENEMY – As Real As It Gets
18. CORETEZ – 5 Months

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