Canada’s RAIDER Teach Thrasher Fans To Shred Along To “No Sign of The Dawn” Guitar Playthrough w/ Ta

L – R: Ira Lehtovaara (Guitar) | Kevin Withers (Drums) | Brandon Sanders (Bass) | Gabe Rosa (Guitar) | Angelo Bonaccorso (Vocals)
Photo Credit – Wesley Raffan

Death/thrash outfit RAIDER, hailing from Waterloo, Canada unleashed their debut album “Guardian of The Fire” this past March. The eight-track LP is a rush of E-standard mayhem, thrash overtones, and blackened vocals. Lyrically, the album’s theme revolves around overcoming lies and hatred that stand between all of us and the truth. 

Fans of bands of Sepultura, Annihilator, and Skeletonwitch, RAIDER is one of the underground death/thrash bands to keep an eye on in 2020 as they continue to raise hell in the moshpit. 

Earlier in September, the band shared their latest music video “No Sign of The Dawn”, a groovy thrash attack about the cost of taking our world for granted. It’s a reflection on getting human priorities straight.

The band adding:

“Our world stands on the edge of a knife. The virus is but another horseman in the ever-growing mountain of omens. We often get distracted and seem to forget that we are still on our way to one of many total deliverances. We have to unite, think, and speak for ourselves or we will be spoken for. If we do not choose the path that leads us to a better future, we will be forced down a path to ruin, of which there are many, and each of their songs remains the same: For the mortal world there is no sign of the dawn.”

Today, the band reveals their guitar playthrough with visual tabs for the track, which can be viewed via its premiere on TechnicalMusicReview HERE

Guitarists Ira Lehtovaara and Gabe Rosa comment on the playthrough:

“Thanks to everyone who has been cranking the No Sign of the Dawn music video and supporting us in general! We wanted to do something nice in order to show our gratitude so here’s a guitar playthrough for the song with Tabs! If you wanna see more playthroughs for more songs make sure to comment, like, and subscribe!”

Watch the music video for “No Sign of The Dawn” HERE.

“Guardian of The Fire'” is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.
Lyric Video ‘Guardian of The Fire’ HERE.
Music Video ‘Bound By No Fate’ HERE.
Lyric video ‘Ravenous Hydra’HERE.

Track Listing:
1. Bound By No Fate (5:00)
2. No Sign Of The Dawn (6:04)
3. Endless Vengeance (6:16)
4. Guardian of The Fire (6:48)
5. Infernal Justice (6:03)
6. Ravenous Hydra (5:28)
7. Offering of Souls (6:15)
8. Destroyer (5:51)
Album Length: 47:49

For more info:

“”Bound By No Fate” itself is an unrelenting and chaotic blast of thrash. Even someone who’s not primarily a fan of the harsher vocal style prevalent within death metal should be able to appreciate and get into the new Raider track and upcoming album.” – Metal Injection“Raider pillage the best of death and thrash for their own blazing (yet fun) fury on debut LP Guardian of the Fire, out March 20. Despite only forming in 2017, the Waterloo quintet sound export-ready, and not just to nearby markets but even to the far reaches of Europe, from which many of their influences hail.” – Exclaim! 8 Emerging Canadian Artists You Should Hear in March 2020

“I think RAIDER is one of the best of the new breed of bands who are playing this style of metal today and “Guardians of the Fire” is well worth your time.” – Metal Temple

“In the end, these eight tracks combine influences from their domestic Canadian roots as well as American finesse and aggression to illustrate the power, precision, and musicianship that keep Raider in league with acts like Annihilator, Exmortus, and Skeletonwitch as far as melodies, hooks, and darkened, savage attacking mechanisms.” – Dead Rhetoric

“GUARDIAN OF THE FIRE is a non-stop hell-storm of pummeling death infused thrash. The album is full of technical riffing and some insanely powerful drumming. Raider has enough ability here to deliver up some of the best riffs in the business with a proficiency that many may possess, but rarely offer up to the masses… Fans of Exodus, Lamb Of God, Exmortus, and Deicide, among others, will find that they are going to have another favorite band to slam to!” – Metal Rules

“Canada is doing great in the thrash stakes this year, what with Warning Sign, Lutharö, Annihilator and plenty more all releasing ‘great’ to ‘phenomenal’ albums. Now the relentless machine of Raider has joined the ranks of great Canadian metal in 2020 to utterly punish and pummel the competition. Guardian Of The Fire is as high quality a debut anyone could possibly ask for, and this quintet look set to burn the world – one Ravenous Hydra at a time.” – Metal Observer

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