Evan Rachael Wood Names Marilyn Manson As Abuser

This story broke out Monday February 1st 2021 and is all over the internet that Marilyn Manson abused Evan Rachael Wood during their relationship. The actress took to her Instagram feed and this is what she had to say.

Not long after her post his record label Loma Vista Records dropped him and erased his existence from their website.

In a statement, Loma Vista wrote: “In light of today’s disturbing allegations by Evan Rachel Wood and other women naming Marilyn Manson as their abuser, Loma Vista will cease to further promote his current album, effective immediately. Due to these concerning developments, we have also decided not to work with Marilyn Manson on any future projects.”

Manson began working with Loma Vista for his 2015 record, The Pale Emperor, inking a deal that allowed the musician to retain the rights to his music while Loma Vista would distribute it. The arrangement remained similar on Manson’s next two albums — 2017’s Heaven Upside Down and last year’s We Are Chaos — with Manson retaining the copyright while granting Loma Vista an exclusive license.

His guest appearance in Starz drama American Gods will also be removed.

Manson was due to be seen in an upcoming episode but the US TV network Starz said in a statement: “Due to the allegations made against Marilyn Manson, we have decided to remove his performance from the remaining episode he is in, scheduled to air later this season. Starz stands unequivocally with all victims and survivors of abuse.”

Additionally, AMC’s Shudder has pulled Manson’s episode of the horror anthology series Creepshow, according to Deadline. He appears in an upcoming episode of the show’s second season and his segment will be replaced, the outlet reports.

Manson has since denied the allegations of abuse on his Instagram account stating that his intimate relationships were all consensual with like minded people.

Manson has been portrayed as highly controversial and satanic due to the lyrical content of his music for years.

On April 20th 1999 there was a Columbine Highschool Massacre and it was blamed on Marilyn Mansons music.

Shortly after Columbine killers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed the grisliest high school shooting in history, the town tried to ban Marilyn Manson’s music. 

Manson took it upon himself to cancel his remaining concert dates around the country out of respect for the Columbine victims. He did not show his face in Denver for several years, in fact.

A month after Columbine, Manson wrote an article for Rolling Stone titled Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? 

It’s quite an articulate and provocative essay, considering it’s written by a man the media portray as nothing more than a Satan-worshipping androgynous freak. He argued that people are outraged when these things happen, but it’s an empty outrage.

In March 2018 Evan Rachel Wood testified in front of Congress and detailed a harrowing account of sexual and physical abuse with an intimate partner. The heart-wrenching testimony was part of a push for more states to adopt the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act. Sitting among fellow activists against sexual violence, Wood courageously told the congressional committee, “I was not fine, and I am not fine.”

At this point she didn’t name Marilyn Manson publicly as her abuser.

“The song ‘I Want to Kill You Like They Do in The Movies’ is about my fantasies,” Marilyn Manson told a Spin reporter in 2009. Responding to a question about his relationship with ex, Evan Rachel Wood, Manson continued, “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.”

He was being asked about his new album and was asked: ‘It sounds like the period after you and Evan Rachel Wood broke up was really tough. What was your lowest point?’

He replied: ‘My lowest point was Christmas Day 2008, because I didn’t speak to my family. My walls were covered in scrawlings of the lyrics and cocaine bags nailed to the wall.

‘And I did have an experience where I was struggling to deal with being alone and being forsaken and being betrayed by putting your trust in one person, and making the mistake of that being the wrong person. And that’s a mistake that everyone can relate to. I made the mistake of trying to, desperately, grasp on and save that and own it. And every time I called her that day — I called 158 times — I took a razor blade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.

‘I didn’t want people to ask me every time I did an interview, “Oh, is this record about your relationship with your ex-girlfriend?” But that damage is part of it, and the song “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in The Movies” is about my fantasies. 

‘I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.’  The interviewer replied: ‘Wow’. He replied: ‘Merry Christmas’. 

Manson and Wood got engaged after the interview and did not break up for another year after it took place.  

In November 2020, the comments resurfaced. Then, his reps played them down as him being a ‘theatrical rockstar’.

Around the same time, four other women posted similar statements on Instagram.

They are Ashley Walters, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Lindsay Morgan and a woman who gave her name only as Gabriella. Two are models, one is a photographer who then worked as Manson’s assistant and the fourth is an artist. 

Not all of them gave dates for when they met Manson or how long they spent with him. They all allege a variety of misconduct and abuse by Manson including being subjected to ‘gaslighting and violence’. 

Some said he subjected them to sleep deprivation. McNeilly also claimed he ‘threatened to bash my face in with a baseball bat.’ 

It’s unclear why they all decided to speak out on Monday or if any of them have taken their claims to the police. 

Wood also posted screenshots of tweets written by Dan Cleary – Manson’s former assistant in December 2020. He said in them that he knew Wood when she was with Manson and that by the end of their relationship, he had ‘broken’ her.

Actress Rose McGowan, who was engaged to Marilyn Manson supports Evan Rachel Wood and the additional women who have accused the shock rocker of abuse.

Manson and McGowan dated in 1999, and became engaged before announcing their split in 2001. McGowan hasn’t publicly accused Manson of abuse during their relationship although the actress is a prominent #MeToo advocate and is supporting the women who’ve spoken out.

In a statement posted to Instagram, the ‘Charmed’ actress wrote: “My statement: I am profoundly sorry to those who have suffered the abuse & mental torture of Marilyn Manson. When I say Hollywood is a cult, I mean the Entertainment industry including the music industry is a cult. Cult’s protect the rot at the top.

Wood reconciled with English actor Jamie Bell after her romance with Manson ended in 2010. She and Bell had one son together before splitting in 2013. She then revealed she was bisexual and dating a non-binary partner in 2019, but she did not reveal who they were.

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