The legendary symphonic heavy metal band is back with their new album, ‘Symphony of Good and Evil’ , which will be released worldwide by Brutal Records

Promo cover artHEVILAN
Symphony of Good and Evil 
Brutal Records 
19 March 2021

We are happy to welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster HEVILAN has signed a deal with the label for worldwide release the title album “Symphony of Good and Evil”

Legendary heavy prog symphonic metal band Hevilan releases the first single from the new album. The track “Devil Within (Part 2) – Hammer of Gods” is now available on all digital platforms and in lyric video format on the band’s YouTube channel.

The legendary symphonic heavy metal band is back with their new album, ‘Symphony of Good and Evil’ , which will be released worldwide by Brutal Records , on March 19 .

“The symphony of good and evil’ is a conceptual album, based on the idea of the conflict between good and evil within the human being. The songs bring the band’s signature weight and melody, starting with the surprising “Dark Paradise” , followed by the rhythmic “Rebellion of the Saints”, “Great Battle” and “Devil Within (Part2) – Hammer of Gods” . the ballads “Always in my Dreams” and “Waiting for the Right Time” that add balance and provide even more vitality, ending with the epic

“Symphony of good and evil” , which has more than 20 minutes of choirs, orchestras and distorted guitars. , which make up a surprising metallic epic. There are 7 songs in 12 themes in just over 50 minutes that will undoubtedly please and surprise fans of the style. The album also marks the debut of virtuoso drummer Rafael Dyszy commanding the drumsticks on recordings.

Johnny Moraes – Guitar
Alex Pasqualle – Vocals
Biek Yohaitus – Bass
Rafael Dyszy – Drums

Hevilan “Symphony of Good and Evil” is an album that contains more than its share of battering rhythms and finely honed, razor-edged riffing, the vocal acrobatics of Alex Pasqualle are solely in the spotlight on compelling symphonies of sludgy, operatic metal like the monstrous leadoff cut “Dark Paradise” and the chillingly thunderous “Great Battle”.

The chunky riffing, heavy character and the grit in some of the vocals definitely place HEVILAN more towards the modern heavy prog symphonic metal, but at the same time the melodies, the very good use of a choir and the dynamics and energy clearly show that their roots are firmly planted into the traditional heavy/power metal soil of Brazil. And if Hevilan’s sound would have to be condensed into one word, then “powerful” would probably one of the first ones to come to mind, because the riffing is nothing short of punishing and stands closer to heavy metal than symphonic metal most of the time.

When HEVILAN get going, though, they really go at it, like powerful “Rebellion of the saints”, speed hammer “Devil within part I & II” or the excellent ballad “Always in my dreams”, where the Brazilians prove that they don’t have to hide behind anybody.



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