Vesicarum – Through The Darkest Days – Lyric Video OUT NOW

Kent, UK’s Vesicarum deliver their latest single, ‘Through The Darkest Days’; taken from their debut album ‘Place Of Anarchy’.

With this track the band have opted to deviate from their signature death metal style, making use of strings, clean guitars and sung vocals.

“When [guitarist] Martin [Shipton] showed me the song I knew I had to do clean vocals,” states vocalist Glynn Neve. “Then I decided a scream would sound better over the chorus.”

In line with the rest of the album; ‘Through The Darkest Days’ deals with deeply personal subject matter. Neve comments:
“Being a single parent wasn’t always joyful, it was the hardest and some of the most lonely and depressing times of my life. Nonetheless it was worth all the struggles in the end and I wouldn’t change a thing, as I got to watch my children grow up.”

‘Through The Darkest Days’ is taken from Vesicarum’s debut full length album; ‘Place Of Anarchy’ – out now via One Eyed Toad Records.

1. Rightfully Mine (feat. Richard Kane)
2. My Inner Ghost
3. The Pain I Feel (feat. Joe Lyndon)
4. Place Of Anarchy
5. Mental Stupidity
6. Sense Of Shame
7. Great Decay (feat. James Dawson)
8. Through The Darkest Days
9. Am I To Blame (feat. Demonstealer)

Order now:

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