In The Absence Of Words – A Collection II


Words can limit and restrictively define. They place boundaries and borders upon expression. We all know the sensations, emotions and experiences which are simply indescribable, beyond the tools of language to express; the connected gaze, the taste of mountain air, the spell that bird song weaves around the heart. These wordless moments elevate us beyond the need to record or explain. And there is the shadow side of these unarticulated gifts; the unique pain as a heart breaks, the all-enveloping darkness of grief and loss, the inexplicable terror of a nightmare without reason or structure. The most vivid, vital, desperate moments of our existence are found…in the absence of words.

In The Absence Of Words was brought into existence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, with the purpose of expressing moods and experiences that lie beyond the remit of speech. The music created wanders freely through different styles and approaches, always striving to capture the essence of a moment, the spirit of a story or the resonance of an emotion. Throughout 2017 one piece, one chapter of sound was released every month and further recordings emerged, like unexpected soft showers of rain, over the subsequent years. Then, in 2021, it was decided that the work of In The Absence Of Words would be brought together in two compilations, two expansive tomes of sound. In April, A Collection I was released, featuring six deeply immersive pieces of dark ambience that captured the hearts and imaginations of all those who slipped beneath its tranquil waters. Now it is time to step across the threshold of A Collection II, which highlights the most lyrical yet wordless of In The Absence Of Words’ compositions. This is your chance to bask in the radiance of ‘An Emergence Of A Feeling Feared Lost’, to feel memories stirred by ‘Rites Of Passage’, to grasp an unsuspected connection with ‘Of Times Passed’ and to float on the soft clouds of understanding that drift through ‘This Is All There Is’…

Released on Spotify on September 1st, for those who are unfamiliar with the work of In The Absence Of Words, A Collection II will be a revelation. Each piece of music carries within it an elixir of experience that echoes the secret memories of our own lives. These are sounds that speak to the heart in a language without words that we have all known since our birth, an essential part of our souls.

“The project’s anonymous identity is not an attempt to be secretive; rather, identification and personification are considered inconsequential to the music.”

Genre: Ambient
For fans of: Dead Melodies | Flowers For Bodysnatchers | Pink Floyd | Tiamat

Further Information:

“…soft, cloud-like, with sonorous, billowing drones changing shape and form…”

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