Psychedelic Lunch

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore music and musicians from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip!

Thank You is a song written by Led Zeppelin for their second album, Led Zeppelin II, and appears as the fourth track on it. On vinyl releases, it closes Side A.

Thank You is the first song with lyrics written entirely by Robert Plant. He wrote the song as a tribute to his then-wife Maureen. It was this song that made Jimmy Page realize that Plant could write most of the band’s lyrics.

Mike Portnoy, the current drummer of The Neal Morse Band, talked about his memory about the song ‘Thank You’ of Led Zeppelin and the song’s tragic story.

Portnoy made a video in which he showed the Led Zeppelin albums he had and spoke of his favorite songs of the band. He also mentioned a significant memory for him about the song ‘Thank You‘ in the video.

Portnoy revealed that his wife Marlene wanted that song to be their wedding song, yet, he opposed that idea since ‘Thank You’ is about the child of Robert Plant who passed away so soon.

Karac, the child of Plant, unfortunately, died due to a stomach virus at the age of 5 on July 26, 1977. The death of his child, especially at such an early age, shocked Robert Plant who was on tour with Led Zeppelin in the US at that time. With the song ‘Thank You‘, Plant paid tribute to his son whom he mentioned as the source of joy in the family, even after his tragic death.

Led Zeppelin: Thank you. Album: Led Zeppelin II Release 22 October 1969

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