Niagara Falls’ VARIUS Release Lyric Video For Diverse And Heavy “Lament of Dissonance”

L-R: Joel Tassillo (Bass) / Joey Scaringi (Vocals) / Vladimir Prokhorov (Drums) / Patrick Forlin (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Britney Goertz

“Concordance” is the latest EP from Canadian melodic death metal act Varius and now, their single “Lament of Dissonance”has a lyric video to go with it. Varius (various in Latin) pride themselves on being diverse, experimental, and constantly challenging the constraints of genres.  This track was originally written as piano parts by drummer Vlad Prokhorov and then reworked for guitar and bass.

This song has the most traditional chorus part of any Varius song to date and incorporates a little bit of clean backing vocals. After the first few verses, the song gives way into even more crushing riffs and a strong guitar solo. The end of the song transitions into one of their signature Varius experimental moments, which takes the listener through a jazzy outro. Lyrically, the song describes a brilliant creative person cracking under the pressure of expectations of his audience. The band explains the premise behind the EP and further detail the track:

“We think this album represents a diverse but consistently heavy listening experience. All four songs are distinct in their approach and theme; they are almost representative of four different “subgenres” of metal. All four songs are consistently heavy and sound like they are related, as they should. We can thank our recording engineer Eddie Lucciola (414 Recordings) for the consistency in production. The song structures, riffs, and lyrics are where most of the diversity lies. The lead single, ‘Lament of Dissonance’, is both a straightforward and experimental listening experience. The song has a simple, catchy structure and some different grooves by our standards. That song also has an interesting twist at the end. “Lament of Dissonance” definitely represents both the heaviness and the diversity of ‘Concordance’.”

Varius’ open-minded and experimental approach to melodic death metal is recommended for fans of Hypocrisy, Lamb of God, and Death.

Watch and listen to “Lament of Dissonance” via its premiere on TheProgspace HERE.

“Concordance” is available on digital music platforms at

Lyric Video – Golden Crown –

Track Listing:
1. Golden Crown (6:03)
2. Concordance of the Legionfall (4:59)
3. Lament of Dissonance (4:43)
4. Gut Shoveler (5:28)
Digital EP Length: 21:14
Note: Physical CD copies of Concordance will feature a bonus track (previously released digitally – 2019)
5. P.I.S.S. (3:22) (CD Bonus Track)
EP Length (CD version): 24:40

For more info:

“It’s full of dynamic surprises — a song that’s bombastic and brazen, savage and scintillating, mysterious and magnificent — and its name is “Concordance of the Legionfall“.” – No Clean Singing

“a surprisingly cohesive and coherent appetizer for what this multi-talented band have to offer.” – Uber Rock

“There is no doubting the talent here in terms of musicianship and it has to be said that “Concordance” is the kind of fun that sometimes goes missing from a genre that can take itself too seriously” – Metal Noise

“For their second EP Concordance, Varius decided to let each band member bring their own song in. This move lets the band step away from the rigid melodic death metal of their first EP, The Great Tribulation, and try out other genre types. Opener “Golden Crown” keeps its deathly roots in the ruinous vocals, as the song is otherwise traditional heavy metal that wouldn’t have been out of place for Manowar or Accept. Each of the four tunes on Concordance avoid hinting at any ideas of what Varius will do next, like the forceful doom in the second half of closer “Gut Shoveler.” Hearing their two EPs back-to-back is listening to a band actively transforming themselves over the course of 40 minutes. With Concordance, Varius have made a point to keep their sonic options open moving forward, as they could go anywhere from here. 4/5” – Heavy Music Headquarters

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