Celebrate 100 Years of ‘Nosferatu’ With Film Synced to Type O Negative Songs

On March 4, 1922, the historic silent horror film Nosferatu was released in Germany and, to celebrate its 100th anniversary, what better way for any headbanger to do so with the version of the movie that’s synced up exclusively to Type O Negative songs.

Directed by F.W. Murnau and produced by Enrico Dieckmann, Albin Grau and Prana Film, Nosferatu is a 94 minute silent film starring actor Max Schrek as the indelibly haunting Count Orlok (the name given to the Count Dracula character and applied to Stoker’s narrative). Shorter versions of the film, such as the one below which is synced to Type O Negative, and the abbreviated length has been attributed to the distribution of copies that were sped-up versions of the original.

So, turn out the lights, get your black candles burning and raise a toast to the world-famous vampire flick Nosferatu and heavy metal’s own beloved vampire, Peter Steele and watch the version set to 10 Type O Negative songs in the video below.

Songs Used in Type O Negative Overdub of Nosferatu, In Order of Appearance*

* not all songs used in their entirety

“Der Untermensch” — Slow, Deep and Hard

“Love You to Death” (edit) — October Rust

“Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” — October Rust

“Xero Tolerance” —Slow, Deep and Hard

“Glass Walls of Limbo (Dance Mix)” — Slow, Deep and Hard

“Green Man” — October Rust

“Christian Woman” — Bloody Kisses

“My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” — October Rust

“Die With Me” — October Rust

“Prelude to Agony” — Slow, Deep and Hard

1922 Silent Horror Film Nosferatu Synced to Type O Negative Songs

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