Romanian Folkcore DIRTY SHIRT Drop The Highly Energetic “DOPE-A-MIN” Off Upcoming “Get Your Dose Now” Plus Tour Dates

Top L to R: Vlad Toca (drums), Pal Novelli (bass), Dan Petean (guitars), Cristian Balanean (guitars)
Bottom L to R: Cosmin Nechita (violin), Robert Rusz (vocals), Dan Rini Craciun (vocals), Mihai Tivadar (keyboards, guitars)
Photo Credit – Vladut Ciprian

New Album “Get Your Dose Now!” Out April 1, 2022

+ 2022 EU Tour (RO, FR, DE) and Festival Dates – Hellfest (FR) and more!

Started as a wedding band, Romania’s Dirty Shirt knows how to get the party started and keep it going. Playing a signature mix of nu-metal, metalcore, alternative rock, and hardcore, the gang of musicians takes a wide array of influences and creates something distinctly their own. The second single off their upcoming album “Get Your Dose Now!” is the chipper and upbeat “DOPE-A-MIN”. The band explains it in their own words:

“It is probably one of the most energetic songs from the album. It starts quite “standard” with a nu-metal/hardcore intro, then the verses and choruses combine metal with traditional style melodies, giving almost a “pirate metal” ambiance. The intermezzo completely changes the ambiance, with some complex rhythm break, then a melodic part, with vocals and violin theme composed in gypsy Romanian style. The song ends in symmetry, with the same part as the intro. Lyrically, the song is about all the illusions created by social media. We must be happy at all cost, and have become dependent from these shots of dopamine that we pop like vitamins tablets every morning.”

Early on in their existence, Dirty Shirt played progressive alternative metal and now base their sound off nu-metal with prominent influences from hardcore, industrial, funk, and electro. They add on to it further by adding eclectic inspiration, especially from East European traditional music. Album after album they develop and tweak their sound which is played by eight core members and a large parade of guests present on recordings and at larger live events.

Dirty Shirt is accessible for a wide range of listeners across the musical spectrum and is suggested listening for fans of Diablo Swing Orchestra, Twelve Foot Ninja, and Dubioza Kolektiv.

“DOPE-A-MIN” can be heard via its music video –

The album “Get Your Dose Now!” is out on April 1, 2022.

Album pre-order at

Music Video – Pretty Faces ft. Benji Webbe, Caliu & Paul Ilea –

Music Video – New Boy in Town –

Music Video – Geamparalele –

Lyric Video – Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 1 & 2) –

Track Listing:
1. New Boy in Town (2:46)
2. Pretty Faces (4:06)
3. Dope-A-Min (3:05)
4. What’s Going On (2:35)
5. Hot for Summer (3:04)
6. New Conspiracy (2:41)
7. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 1) (4:07)
8. Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 2) (3:39)
9. Geamparalele (4:31)
Total Length: 30:34

Bonus Tracks – Pandemic Special – EP:
1. Resonate (Metal Version) (3:37)
2. Away (Orchestral Version) (3:46)
3. Don’t Care (25 Years Later) (9:06)
4. Latcho Drom (Live Studio Session feat. Caliu) (1:47)

Dirty Shirt – 2022 – Get Your Dose Now! Tour Dates:
April 1 – BUCURESTI (RO) – Quantic
April 2 – BRASOV (RO) – Kruhnen Musik Halle
April 8 – BAIA MARE (RO) – Sala Sporturilor
April 9 – CLUJ NAPOCA (RO) – Form Space
April 29 – BACAU (RO) – Valhalla Pub
April 30 – IASI (RO) – Undergound Pub
May 1 – SUCEAVA (RO) – Art Rock Café
May 13 – ORADEA (RO) – Bers Nova Bors
May 28 – BUCURESTI (RO) – Iubim 2 Roti
June 24 – CLISSON (FR) – Hellfest Open Air
June 25 – CERISY-BELLE-ETOILE (FR) – Les Bichoiseries
July 2 – MONTCUL (FR) – Plane’r Fest
July 16 – NEUKIRCHEN-VLUYB (DE) – Dong Open Air
July 30 – POIANA HOREA, CLUJ (RO) – Beee, ma! 2022
Aug 3 – RASNOV (RO) – Rockstadt Extreme Fest
Aug 12 – CORBII DE PIATRA (RO) – Stonebird Festival
Aug 18 – SULINGEN (DE) – Reload Festival
Aug 20 – HEL’PA (SK) – Horehronske MeCheChe
Aug 21 – TARGU MURES (RO) – Maris Fest
Aug 26 – BISTRITA (RO) – Way Too Far Rock Festival
Aug 27 – SUMMER CAMP BREZOI (RO) – Mentor Rock Gathering

For more info:


Dirty Shirt is a top Romanian crossover folkcore metal band, winner of second place at the international final of Wacken Metal Battle 2014 and of several awards at Metalhead Awards and Maximum Rock Awards. The band’s unique style derives from mixing the heavy sound of modern rock/metal with the festive ambiance of East-European traditional music, the eclecticism of world music (country, reggae, and tribal rhythms), the electro sound of industrial music, the energy of hardcore, and the groove of funk. It’s not surprising to find great appreciation for Dirty Shirt albums in hundreds of reviews all over the world, including in well-respected magazines such as Metal Hammer (DE, HU), Rock Hard – (DE, FR, SLK), Metalsucks – USA, Hard Rock Mag – FR, Terrorizer – UK, etc.

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