Canada’s HARVESTED Highlight Their Thunderous Rhythm With Drum Playthrough For “Bereavement”

Photography Credits: Dark Moon Productions
Current Line-up: L – R: Eric Forget – Bass | Jacob Collins – Drums | Adam Semler – Vocals | Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitar
Live Line-up: Eric Forget – Bass | Jacob Collins – Drums | Adam Semler – Vocals | Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitar | Miguel Marcheterre – Pina – Guitar

Harvested have a heavy death metal debut EP coming out and to showcase the thunder that drives them, they are releasing a drum playthrough video of the single “Bereavement”. The track involves themes of extreme depression and suicidal tendencies, pummeled into you with triplets, blast beats, and chromatic runs, which lead up to an enigmatic solo and razor-sharp tremolo picking that end with slamming chugs. The band shares their thoughts on the song:

“It is one of our strongest songs. It’s heavy and filled with dark lyrics that really fit the vibe of the song. It’s the last song we wrote to finish off the 5 track release and it’s our most mature song. It also more closely resembles our newer unreleased songs. We chose bereavement as one of our drum play through videos for it highlights different aspects of Jacob’s skills. Filled with blast beats and double bass, it’s got everything an extreme metal drummer would want.”

Harvested bring lots of energy and pay homage to the classics, which they make clear in their videos. They rely on their performance and delivery rather than on cutting-edge technology. They don’t perform digitally or with backing tracks/IEM, just lots of windmilling and the aggression delivered by their frontman that will surely frighten the audience.

Inspired by so many different styles of metal from old school death metal to black metal to slam, they combine all the elements into one cohesive unit. They are trying to keep that old school death metal vibe alive to keep the old school fans excited while utilizing and embracing new genres, styles, and production that will capture the ears of the newer generations as well as open a whole new world to the old school fans.

Death metal fans from all walks of life should check out Harvested, especially those who enjoy Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Hate Eternal.

Watch and listen to the drum playthrough filmed by Joe Lyko of Dark Moon Productions via its premiere on Technical Music Review HERE.

The self-titled EP is being released on May 7th, 2022.

EP pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. Apathetic (3:11)
2. Bludgeoned (3:33)
3. Incognitive (3:17)
4. Delirium (3:19)
5. Bereavement (3:10)
EP Length: 16:33

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Harvested
• All songs written by: Harvested
• Produced by: Harvested
• Mixed by: Dark Moon Productions
• Mastered by: Dark Moon Productions
• Album Artwork by: Harvested
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP Band Line Up:
Adam Semler – Vocals
Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitars
Eric Forget – Bass
Jacob Collins – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Adam Semler – Vocals
Mitchi Dimitriadis – Guitars
Eric Forget – Bass
Jacob Collins – Drums
Miguel Marcheterre-Piña – Guitars

For more info:


Harvested is a death metal group with members from Ontario and Quebec. Taking influences from classic death metal legions with a modern touch. The members are ‘Mitchi Dimitriadis’ on guitars. ‘Eric Forget’ on bass, ‘Adam Semler’ on vocals, and ‘Jacob Collins’ on drums. Mitchi is a local Ottawa producer. He’s also taken on engineering the EP and finalized pre-production for the release. Drums were recorded at Silver Wing Studios in Montreal. Guitars, bass, and vocals were officially recorded, all instruments mixed and mastered at ‘Dark Moon Productions’. Adam Semler has been a household name in the Ottawa, ON metal scene taking the world by storm with his groundbreaking projects. Includes but is not limited to A Scar For The Wicked, Misshapen, Hatred Reigns, and Harmoniaq. Harvested is ready to make its debut on May 7th, 2022. Keep an eye out for their upcoming music video release “Apathetic”.

“Viciously Brutal, Goes well with my morning coffee” – Paul Collins

“Non-stop heaviness from start to finish. Every song has a different experience yet they all have memorable and catchy riffs that engage the listener” – Eric Morotti (Drummer of Suffocation)

“The EP is quite awesome and I’ll find myself listening over and over again! They sound like Cannibal Corpse/Dying Fetus and many more. The day Harvested has a show in Montreal you can expect to see me in the pit.” – William Biron

“Presenting Harvested: Hailing from Ottawa is one of Canada’s finest emerging death metal bands. Their debut E.P. brings that good ol’ churning feeling in your stomach like you just chugged a 40 of malt liquor and fell down a hill! Dangerous, disorienting brutal fun. The way death metal should be. If you’re into Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, and Morbid Angel or just having an all-around good time, look no further.” – Brandon Aitchison

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