Legendary pioneers of brutality, Holocausto Canibal release sixth album Crueza Ferina through Selfmadegod Records!

Where is your sense of superiority now? Where your ‘god given’ right to dominate, as you crawl in a spreading pool of your own blood? That arrogant facade is not so easy to assume with your legs shattered beyond repair, the jagged shards of bone jutting obscenely through your torn skin. A cut for your ignorance, a thrust for your guilt, a blow for your callous, withered heart and a long, slow bleeding for your cruelty. Your traditions will die with you and a new story, my story starts here…

Crueza Ferina, meaning ‘ferocious cruelty’, is the sixth full length album from legendary Portuguese purveyors of extremity, pioneers of brutality, Holocausto Canibal. Featuring nineteen tracks of flesh rending brutal death metal and skin flaying grind, Crueza Ferina is utterly unstoppable and completely irresistible. From the monstrous punk grooves and torturous hooks of ‘Campas Do Negro Breu’ to the gritted teeth insanity of ‘Miasmas Onanizantes’ and the boiling rage of ‘Ęxodo Mortuoso’, which is graced by an unholy solo from Immolation man Bob Vigna, this is the sound of a veteran band operating at the peak of their considerable powers. A quarter of a century into a remarkable career Holocausto Canibal are harder, heavier and better than ever before. Produced and engineered by João Ribeiro and mastered by Brad Boatright(AbstracterBlack BreathCorrosion Of Conformity etc) at Audiosiege Studios, Crueza Ferina sounds absolutely devastating – each riff with the power to punch through walls.

Eschewing their customary album artwork of gore and guts Crueza Ferina is adorned in the shocking image of a dead pig, killed in a barbaric ritual of traditional slaughter. Far from their sadistic imaginations turning to the torture of animals though, Holocausto Canibal have embraced a vegan philosophy, with bassist Z. Pedro telling Loud Magazine in a recent interview “for us, the only blood we continue to accept to see is human”. They remain as unflinching and uncompromising as ever!

Crueza Ferina will be released on May 27th through Selfmadegod Records, so brace yourselves for impact and prepare to celebrate twenty five years of utter extremity with Holocausto Canibal!

Orca – Vocals
Z. Pedro – Bass
António C. – Guitar
Diogo P. – Drums

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
For fans of: Haemorrhage | Nasum | Lay Down Rotten | Cliteater
Further Information:
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Visit the home of Selfmadegod Records here

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